Section 5: Fire Extinguishers


The Fire Triangle:

A fire occurs when Oxygen, Heat and a Fuel Source come together. A fire cannot occur when one of these three components are absent.

By keeping your shop tidy, and not putting things like cardboard, paper, plastic etc. near heat, it reduces the chance of a fire.

There are always different fire extinguishers in a building, e.g. water, foam, CO2 etc. The fire extinguisher company who services your superstore extinguishers will determine which ones are necessary for the products stored or activities which take place in each area.

Using a Fire Extinguisher:

  • If the fire is too big or if you are in doubt about your ability to tackle it, LEAVE IT!
  • If it’s safe to do, switch off the electrical supply.
  • Keep the extinguisher upright
  • Carbon Dioxide is the best extinguisher for an electric fire. Carbon Dioxide extinguishers have a horn instead of a hose. Follow the instructions on the sign mounted near the extinguisher on how to hold the horn because older units get extremely cold when in use, and can cause frost burns, whereas newer ones are double insulated to protect your hands


  • As a good guide, to use the extinguisher remember the word PASS


a) Pull the safety pin to break the tamper seal

b) Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire, keeping a safe distance

c) Squeeze the trigger to release the contents

d) Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire


Using a Fire Blanket:

These are effective with frying pan fires, fires in bins or on clothing

Some rules are:

  • Do NOT attempt to move a frying pan which is on fire
  • To release the fire blanket, pull the tabs down to release the blanket
  • The tabs can be used to place the blanket in position


If someone’s clothes are on fire:

  • Get the person to stop moving and drop to the floor
  • Use the blanket to smother the fire
  • Get the person to roll with the blanket on to smother the flames
  • Dispose of used blankets


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